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Friday, March 7, 2014

FOODIE FRIDAY....Snapshots of my meals this week

SUNDAY Dinner 

(shown below topped with parmesan and crushed red pepper - the red pepper added a delish lil kick)

When life hands you lemons....slice and add to your water 
(supposedly the acid in the lemons helps prevent kidney stones)
** CUTE lil ceramic basket is HALF OFF at Michael's this week **

LOVIN my George Foreman grill - I can FINALLY make chicken in winter again!! 
(marinated chicken in lime juice, hot sauce, soy sauce, fresh garlic and cilantro)
 TWO different days - similar looking dinners....although the one below is jasmine rice and the meat is breaded BAKED pork chops (try the Kraft Fresh Take breading - you WON'T be sorry - can be found in the refridgerated section near the cheeses). I marinated the veggies in red wine vinegar, olive oil and Mrs.Dash table top blend (NO SALT) and popped them into my George Foreman grill (I thought that was a pretty genius experiment that WORKED)

My lil miss tried her hand at dessert making....baked apples with homemade caramel sauce - a nice sweet treat!

One of my girls at work made me a quiche (she brought one a few months ago for everyone and I was surprised at how delish it was - it has fresh asparagus {i hate asparagus} and bacon) so anyway fast forward to yesterday morning - she brought and entire quiche for me - HOW SWEET!!!

This morning's middy  meal
Scrambled eggs (1 egg and 1 egg white) wheat english muffin, canadian bacon and grilled veggies (from the other nights dinner). Here I got my proteins, carbs and veggies. DON'T be intimidated to cook healthy - everyone thinks healthy eating is uber expensive (and it CAN be if you don't shop smart or are very particular). Below is the break down for this plate:

Eggs - .31
English Muffin - .48
Canadian Bacon - pennies on the dollar (was bought in bulk at a lil market in the city)
Veggies - .56 (the zucchini was .88 and I got 3 meals out of it and a bag of the mini assorted peppers were .88 for like a dozen)

Again, you won't ALWAYS find great deals BUT when you do see veggies and fruits at a GREAT price - pick them up and you'll be SURPRISED how you will incorporate them into a meal!!

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