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Monday, March 3, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....Going to "the gym"

SO, I'm not one of those people that "goes to the gym"...I prefer a 2 mile walk around my neighborhood (nobody can SEE me here...and they just think I'm out for a stroll). BUT this winter has been SO AWFUL I can't even "go for a walk" and my thighs are telling me it's time (my pants are just a smidge tighter, that weight I gained over Christmas - still here (all but 1 lb) and I just FEEL better when I know I'm being active....SO, I joined "the gym". The walk thru was daunting....getting up the courage to go was daunting BUT I DID IT!! I did it today - for the first time - and I feel GREAT!!!

I laid my clothes out the night before (YES, I really did....we all FEEL better when we are pulled together)
 Outfit deets:
Gold/Silver Glitter Skully T - Walmart
Leggings - Kohl's
Hat - Gifted

Pre-gym selfie

Yes, I REALLY wore bracelets to the gym!! 
Wish me luck on my new endeavor....the hardest part is over - I actually went....I wrote this post because I bet there's probably someone else out there that feels a lil intimidated and outta place at "the gym" like Nike says....JUST DO IT!!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

Love your flair for style...even to the gym! That's awesome!! :)