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Monday, February 23, 2015


SO I've been on my fitness journey for a month and a half now and I'm (mostly) LOVIN it. I heart going to the gym (timing is sometimes an issue...I just need MORE hours in a day). I like having coordinating clothes to wear to the gym (that doesn't mean clothes specifically designed for working out BUT rather a compilation of things). My FAVE place to shop for short for the gym is Maurice's (I need to do a post on that)....
THIS was my most recent work out wear haul a few weeks ago - major SCORE!!!

OOOOH I look like a mess...LOL!! Anyway, got this t-shirt at the thrift store last fall for a buck... has the BEST cut up your t-shirt tutorials (where I found this one)


(fold the back of your t-shirt in half and draw on it with chalk like I did {for a better tutorial visit Wobisobi} you can either draw your lines out OR use something to measure {I used a broken toothpick}

Back - AFTER
(Once the strips are cut gently pull them so you get that striated look)

That went so WELL that I decided to do it to the pink leopard burn out t-shirt (I paid $1.75 for this at Walmart's AFTER Valentine's Sale).
SO now I have some fun cut up t's for the gym that I can mix and match with my pants and gym shoes OF COURSE!!!

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