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Friday, February 27, 2015


While waiting in line one day at Target I spotted a lemon coconut water in one of the fridges on the end caps....Looked intriguing....I've never tried coconut water BUT figured this might be kinda delish....

At $2.49 a pop I was going to pass....BUT luckily the cashier took SO LONG I decided to go for it...
D     E     L     I     S     H
I drank it all (one container was 2 servings for minimal calories (I can't remember the EXACT caloric content). I was HOOKED but not happy with the price point....SO while running errands last week I came across the SAME brand "Vitacoco" water at Big Lots ($1.50 for a liter) you see what's next to the coconut water?!?! Lemon Juice from concentrate....

(grocery haul 2/18)

GUESS what I did?!?!

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