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Thursday, February 26, 2015

TRY IT THURSDAY....Kate Spade Knock Off Earrings

Y'all I'm hooked on instagram like a back alley hooker is to crack (OH YEAH....that's from instagram). Insta is like the best combination of Pinterest and Facebook.....

The girl who posted them I asked WHERE she found the earrings and she said wal-mart....Lo and behold Wonderful Wally World came thru....

I used a few coats of OPI Rainbow Connection (from the Muppet Collection 2012)
 And that wasn't cuttin it....the glitter was too sheer....SO I added a few spots of turquoise glitter polish and THAT covered the entire thing SO I used that as my "base"
and added the Rainbow Connection over the top

SUPER easy and WHO doesn't love anything with a lil glitter?!?!? 
If YOU try this lemme know and maybe we can do a linky party! 

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