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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

THRIFTY TUESDAY....Buying off season

I am NOTORIOUS (NOT Notorious B I G) for buying things off season BECAUSE you get the MOST amazing deals!!! I am USUALLY able to do this for myself and my kids most times (altho this year I am NOT buying off season clothes for me because I am on a get fit journey and sometimes it's hard to buy for my son because he's in between growth spurts!). Anyway, when I find a GREAT deal I take advantage....for example....
THESE hats...
 The Ca-UTE hate with the bow was $1.00 (it photographs tan BUT is really an army green fatigue that will go with my
'backwoods chic' jacket

and of course my black jackets. 
And the knit headband with the fancy embellishment is FAB for fancy occasions OR everyday for me!!

LAST spring I got this navy and teal bow hat at walmart too...for $1.00 also!!

Good to know that the style is STILL "in style". What's the BEST buy you've gotten off season?!?!

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