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Monday, February 9, 2015


Tax season is better than Christmas in our's the ONE time there's a lil extra money to spend (AFTER all the bills are paid).

The kids know we will go out to eat at a "fancy" restaurant (which to them is Olive Garden or their fave Chinese place). We get some new things for the house (last year it was a tv, a mattress and boxspring for me, a toaster oven and a george foreman grill). This year it's a bed frame for my daughter, bikes for us, new bed sheets....staple kinda things that need replacing. Above was my haul AFTER a day of shopping there were some groceries in there....some frivolous purchases (like 25.00 CLEARANCE pillows from Target)...I still may return them....I pride myself on being thrifty and 50.00 on two pillows for my bed that I won't even sleep on seems CRAY!!!!

What do YOU do with your tax refund?!??!!

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