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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Ya know how you see something and think "HEY! I can do that!!" That's EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this...

BUT I wanted something for above my bed....I had 4 vintage frames I got at Shop & Swap 2 years ago (YES!! That's how long this project has been in the making)....I needed a four letter word....that applied to the environment I was trying to create.....Can you guess the word?!??!

 THANKFULLY my mom was here to help (because precision is NOT my strong suit!!!). All we had to do was attach the sawtooth hangers (the ONLY expense in this project). I printed the letters on my computer (in hindsight I COULD put gold glitter OVER them...hmmmm). My frame was an 11 x 14 and my paper was 81/2 x 11...SO I got creative and sprayed the cardboard with gold spray paint and used gold glitter washi tape to attach them (my mom didn't get it as I was putting it together - she kept telling me the paper was too small BUT after all was said and done she loved it!!).
And I LOVE it too!!!

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