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Thursday, February 12, 2015


If we're anything alike we've spent countless hours perusing pinterest and instagram and ged mad ideas....Today's post was inspired by just that!!! I've been on a bit of a fitness journey the last month so I've looked up A LOT of fitness related things.....and was uber inspired by a pair of blinged out Nike's I saw....I contacted the instagrammer and she was NICE enough to share with me how SHE did it (there are several people on-line that will make them for you BUT I KNEW I could do it myself).

I went shopping for my shoes....I knew I wanted a light colored swish....Check out THRIFTY TUESDAY for deets about #Ross

So I gathered my supplies....
(I'm a pearl girl...I almost ALWAYS have pearls on SO it only seemed natural to incorporate pearls into my gym wear)
 (I used E600 glue and the stones I bought at HobLob.....I was SO LUCKY because the stones were 50% the day I was shopping)
 Pictures with and without flash (had to photograph BECAUSE with flash you get the reflectors on the shoes)

 I'm ready to get up in the gym and work on my fitness!! While coordinating clothes and accessories aren't required for the gym they sure do make it more FUN!!!

If YOU bling out your shoes, leave a link so I can share!!! 

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