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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Todays THRIFTY TUESDAY post is inspired by #ROSS and my WANT for some new NIKE's for the gym. Have you been to Ross?!?!? It's hit or miss...sometimes there's SO MUCH to buy and other times I leave empty handed. I don't buy very many clothes go-to's are accessories (they have Betsy Johnson, Michael Kors, Guess, and other fab statement pieces) shoes (Coach, Nike, Sperry)

They have a vast selection of mens Nike's too (and apparently if you shop in the mens shoe section it's a great place to be picked up...LOL! No joke! While taking these pics I got hit on).
 and homegoods (pillows, sheets, decorative accessories  - which I only buy if they're SUPER unique or a steal because the thrift stores carry the old legit versions for CHEAPER) and gourmet food items (seasoning, teas, coffees, candy, etc).

I went looking for Nike gym shoes...

AND I found a plethora!! There were 3 other pair I tried on not pictured!!! They were VERY reasonable (between $29.99 and $36.99) so I wanted them all BUT I obviously based my selection on HOW they fit and felt. ONE pair was like a others compared after that!! STAY TUNED THURS to see which pair or pairs I selected and WHAT I did with them!!!

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