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Monday, March 30, 2015


Wishing I was back in FLORIDA.....No Shirt, No shoes, NO PROBLEM!!! It was so laid back and WONDERFUL (I mean I get it was vacation and I wasn't doing all my everyday chores and being a grown up HENCE the word vacation BUT it was SO CHILL there)

Clearwater Beach
(I thought I was bringing that Coral home BUT after drying it out in our hotel room for 4 days it STILL STUNK to high heavan so we left it)

I've always loved palm trees....

This is the PERFECT vacation shot!!

Blue skies, gorgeous sea....
 The first day we got NO sun (but we did slather ourselves down with sunblock BEFORE we left) SO the second day I decided I'd apply sunscreen later in the day and literally after 2 hours THIS is what happened....

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