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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Instagram is KILLING me y'all....there's EVERYTHING and nothing on there! It's like a blog but in a compact form! There have been a LOT of amazing posts of FAB #dollartree finds WHICH has MADE me go to my Dollar Tree's and see if I can find them!! At only $1.00 it's an AMAZING deal..UNTIL THIS HAPPENS....

It's true they do carry Physician's Formula make-up

There are GREAT beauty finds to be I was taking this pic I thought what a PERFECT GNI (Girls Night In) this would make....Chick flicks, doing your nails and playing make-up

You can make FAB gift baskets with items they sell there...this would be PERFECT for a housewarming or the entertainer....Show up with this at a BBQ this summer and you'll look like a hero!
 All the contents in the above pic are below....a BEAUTIFULLY photographed simple recipe outdoor living cookbook, the tortilla bowl maker (this WOKRED FAB) a package of tortillas and cute lil salsa / condiment bowls in pink and aqua (I've always LOATHED pink but for some reason now it's like an intoxicating drug)

Another basket option for the kiddos on your life (If you're having or going to a pool party, a sleepover, a vacation, etc)
 A good read for the momma, cheap-y flip flops that you can use for the day and toss if they don't hold up, a frisbee and lil rackets with a ball....
 The food section was pretty good here...CLIFF bars (they retail for between $1.29 and $1.50 in other stores) the Goya beans are the same retail for about $1.25 in your grocery store, David sunflowers seeds are about $1.59 and the Mrs. Dash was the STEAL of the day!! While on my fitness journey I am trying to use less salt in my cooking and #MrsDash is full of flavor and salt-free! These are individual envelopes so the seasoning stays fresh and is on an as-use basis.

 I ALWAYS shopped for home items here (dryer sheets, zip bags, tupperware, garbage bags) BUT thanks to the instagram community I have seen the Dollar Tree in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT!!

If YOU are a Dollar Tree Diva leave your blog link in the message section so I can check you out!!! A Dollar Tree swap would be FUN - whatcha think?!??!

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