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Monday, March 9, 2015


If you read my "Day in the life..." post you saw I got a scarf organizer at K-Mart...what you DIDN'T see was all the OTHER STUFF I got there....SO I am dedicating THIS Manic Monday post to the steals and deals I got!!

As I said before I don't go to K-mart very often....BUT when I have I've always found some great things! This particular trip I was looking for a bathing suit tops to coordinate with some bottoms I have (come back TOMORROW for the post about that - you won't wan to MISS IT). AS I walked down the main aisle I saw this bin...SO MANY reduced stickers I couldn't pass it up...
 So I chose a few things and checked out BUT when I did, the items rang up even LESS that marked!!! SO you KNOW I had to go back and get more!! GREAT easter basket fillers for my daughter (which actually aren't even pictured here) and my niece (no, the barbie make-up is NOT for me - it's for my real life barbie niece!!).

 I recently tried an ALMAY lipgloss and LOVED it (the color was very similar to MAC's "Up the Amp" but a lil more subtle and perfect for EVERYDAY SO I grabbed the fab glittery neutral and the peach-y colors for $1.57 each....can't go wrong for that price....I don't usually wear such a bright pink on my lips BUT for $1.24 WHY NOT give it a try?!!?!?

The lipsmackers (remember these from when we were in MIDDLE SCHOOL?!??!) rang up for $1.24 - CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?!?! That makes it .31 per tube!!! While the flavors sound FAB I heart the nostalgia behind them and for $1.24 I wasn't going to pass them up!!

 SEE the Sally Hansen Nail stickers above?!?! They are gold glitter (I LOVE glitter polish BUT getting off can be a beast sometimes) SO Sally Hansen Salon Effects it was!! I have to be honest I had 4 other Sally Hansen Salon Effects BUT I thought $2.99 was a lil pricey (because I know a TON of you have found them at your #dollartree). BUT when I got home and was reading my Ulta catalog I saw them **ON SALE** for $7.99 and suddenly I felt like I had gotten the BUY OF THE CENTURY at $2.99!!
My mom is always commenting how I have so many THINGS and she doesn't know how I do it....I always say I shop a lot and I KNOW when something's a good deal. AND that's EXACTLY a lot and even IF you were just there last week things have more than LIKELY changed since you were there....for example...a pair of canvas loafers I got my son at Wal-mart were $7.00 a couple weeks ago...Sunday there were marked down o $3.00/pair WHICH AFFORDED me the opportunity to buy him a pair for vacation in a few weeks, a larger size for the summer AND still get $1.00 back when I returned the $7.00 pair. I KNOW some people don't like to bother with returns and fact is sometimes it's not cost effective IF you aren't out enough or have the stores local to you...BUT for me I am out enough and always within arms reach of a store SO it's a win for me!!

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