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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I've seen Milani make-up at my #dollartree and I thought it was some off brand cheapie product (not that it can't STILL be good BUT I have a TON of make-up and I'm always drawn to the SAME kinda colors) BUT after reading on my instagrammers Dollar Tree post that it's made in Italy I was SOLD!!! I  am in love with ALL things Italian!! SO when I stumbled upon some FAB priced cosmetics at K-mart I couldn't pass them up!! 

The turquoise color is from Dollar Tree and the others are from K-mart. 

Recently while looking through a magazine for mixed media journaling I happened upon this add....

The add tells us how "rich pigmented colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Use wet or dry"
Isn't it ROMANTIC imagined these lil shadow pots being baked on terracotta tiles in Italy?!?!? AND I didn't know you could wear them wet for a more DRAMATIC look (although in hindsight I suppose you could wear any eyeshadow wet for a deeper hue)

The colors are very SUBTLE when used dry and are PERFECT!!! The turquoise isn't 80's at all!!

What #milani cosmetics have YOU found?!??!

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