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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Every post starts out this way...."I saw this on instagram..." LOL!!! I can't remember WHO (and I apologize - if it's YOU tell me so I can give ya proper credit). It was SO SIMPLE I saw it and was able to emulate it (which is probably WHY I didn't save it).

You take THESE two items....
(BOTH basic #dollartree finds....a glass small globe dish and a glass pedestal candle stick holder. I just so happened to have both these on hand {ironically I was going to pitch the glass globe because my kids had some grow gel cubes in there and I didn't want to clean them out. Glad I saved it})

Get yourself some E600 (you can use this on EVERYTHING!! It's the MOTHA of all glues). I applied mine to the rim of the candlestick holder and let set for about 2 minutes...then I positioned the globe on it's side and gently held it in place for a minute until it set (there was some excess glue that ran down the sides, I just grabbed a q-tip with some alcohol and it cleaned right off)

Let set for 24 hours and pop on your table top surface and fill with lip gloss, lotions, mini perfumes (as I did)

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