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Monday, March 2, 2015


SO, apparently I am an anomaly.....I LOVE packing!! I love the list making prior to, the imagining all the great outfits and accessories to go with the outfit...(The trying on part was so-so....I have some solid outfits BUT if I lost 5 lbs I'd be GOLDEN....wish this flu would leave our house so I can get back to my regularly scheduled eating and gym time....sidebar....I spent the weekend cleaning carpets joke - my poor baby had the flu....I have a version of the flu and a cold - no's an infirmary up in here). SO yesterday we took the time to pull outfits, try on and coordinate (because I LOVE that too...makes for seamless photographic memories).

My daughter laid all her stuff out (after trying on and making sure it all worked....we're only taking one checked bag for the 3 of us SO we have to be sure what we're bringing works!!). Since we plan on spending the majority of the time on the beach we have 3 bathing suits, cheap-o flip flops that we can toss after the trip (seriously cheap - from #dollartree).

Then it was my turn to lay my stuff out (the kids told me I'd better not pack too many things and leave room for them!!). I know when packing i tis wise to stay within the same color palette OR at least bring items that can be re-mixed so you don't have to pack say 7 outfits - you can pack 4 with interchangable pieces.
I was for sure bringing 2 fedoras BUT when I was going thru the closet I found a 3rd so they're ALL coming!!
Outfit 1:
Canvas with Gold sequin trim fedora - Hoblob and me
Sleeveless Denim ruffle front shirt  - Chaps by Ralph Lauren via the thrift
White Jeans - Chico's
Earrings - Target via Super dolla store
Necklace - Super dolla store
Outfit 2:
Purse Target via the thrift (I ADORED this purse but never got it and last year there she was at the thrift p I didn't even use it last year - I was saving it for vacay - no joke)
Gold Polka dot tunic - Chico's
Pearl Flower Necklace - Crimson Ridge
Bracelets - Ross and Burlington Coat Factory
Rings - Chico's
Earrings - Walmart
Sandals - Target via the thrift (back in 2012)

Outfit 3:
My FAVE (I think because it's the most eclectic)
Fedora - Target via the thrift (NEW)
Tank - Chico's
Kimono - Gordmans
Short Gold Necklace - Super Dolla store (as seen in photo 1)
Long Green and gold Necklace - Gordmans
Denim Shorts - Thrifted
Fauxbirks - Walmart or Target - Don't remember SO old (maybe form 2008) BUT so in vogue now!!
Stack of Bracelets - Various; thrifted, target, grocery store

I stacked the hats inside each other (and will roll my bathing suits into the hats SO they can keep their shape), packed the jewels by outfit in organza bags....
The KEY to successful dressing on a budget is ALWAYS be on the lookout....while your kids sizes may change from year to year (depending on their age) you can pretty much bet your size will be similar in most items OR you know what to size down in if you are on a weightloss journey. In the photo below that was my thrift store haul from last year - Feb 2014. See my target purse there in the upper left hand corner? The white bikini bottoms were NEW with tags (and I will be taking them - I actually just found a top yesterday for them...maybe that will be thrifty thursdays post).

These are all items I picked up for my son THIS year - like last month (feb) and I will be taking all. The first 2 shirts were $2.00 each as was the turquoise sleeveless one (these will all be to coordinate with his swim trunks). The swim trunks pictured are from Kohl's and were origianlly $25.00 (I would NEVER pay that for boys swim trunks BUT as you know Kohl's ALWAYS has a sale SO they were marked down to $14.00 and I had $10.00 Kohl's cash - for $4.00 I would TOTALLY buy them). The black frocs (fuax crocs) were $2.00 at my super dolla store and will come in handy strollin the shores pickin shells....and the canvas slides were $7.00 at Walmart and look uber cute BUT guess what?!?!? Yesterday when I was there they had them marked down to $3.00 SO I grabbed the size he needs for vacay and a bigger size for summer and will return the  $7.00 pair (not only did I get 2 for the price of one I will also get a dollar back). 

My daughter is VERY selective. I picked up several things for her and only a few made the cut - she actually had to shop with me for her stuff....BUT some of the scores were the bandeaus (which she wears under all her tanks) and the shorts. The shorts were $1.00 and $3.00 - you can't BEAT those prices. Literally they could be disposable at those prices!!! 

SO there's an insight to my packing style and tips....there are more hints and ideas that maybe I will post next week....ciao! 

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