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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY....Vacation Edition

With a few pics from BEFORE vacay!! If you haven't ever checked out the Pleated Poppy's WIWW blog posts you SHOULD!! Lotsa fun outfit ideas! You can find the link here

 What I'm wearing:
Striped Mock Neck - Target via the thrift
Jeans - QVC 8 years ago
Sandals - Target NEW via the thrift (if you hold onto something LONG enough it comes back into style!! These faux Birkenstocks are envogue now!!)

 What I'm wearing:
Jacket - Chico's
Necklace - Chico's
Convertible Bag (can be worn as a backpack): Big Buddha via Burlington Coat Factory
Tank - Dress Barn via the thrift
Jeans - Chico's
Booties - Target
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf (actually a wrap) - Chico's
Blue T-Shirt - JcPenny (OLD like 10 years old)
Flower Print Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's
PRE-St.Patricks Day
 What I'm wearing:
Black Button Down - Shop and Swap
Shamrock Tie - Dollar Tree (last year)
Crops - Chico's
Sandals -Macy's
FIRST DAY OF VACAY....I call this the "money shot" I LOVED walking outside 
(like I seriously asked to walk back up the plank and take pics and SO GLAD I  DID because this was the only time we walked outside without the covering)
 What I'm wearing:
Sweater - Kohls (do you see how PERFECT this sweater is?!??! grey and very chic BUT with a fun tropical pop up the sides - PERFECTLY perfect - not too touristy BUT says "I'm on vacation"
Purse - Wal-mart
Jeans - Hydraulic

This was the CLOSET at the hotel - a legit walk-in

VACAY day 1
 What I'm wearing:
Fedora - Big Lots (crazy I know)
Kimono - Gordmans (last summer)
Necklace - Gordmans (last summer)
Purse - Walmart
(this purse I brought because it was large enough to carry some clothing AND my purse BUT I ended up using it quite a bit and for $7.00 I def got my money's worth....sadly it's a lil worn for the wear after being taken to the beach and dragged on and off a plane BUT I can't part with my "florida travel bag")
Shorts - Thrifted
Sandals - Dollar Tree (oh YEAH...I figured for a dolla they'd be good beach sandals and then we'd throw them away before we came home - these babies did MILES of walking. My daughter had the same pair in silver and she loved them too...TOTALLY WORTH THE DOLLA - go get yourself a pair)

Here they are in my Dollar Tree Haul

What I'm wearing:
Tourist Tee - Surf Style
Shorts -Express
Waiting for the Trolley - drink in hand
 What I'm wearing:
Tunic - Wal-Mart (last year)
Purse - Target Via the thrift (NEW and limited edition - I wanted this SO bad when I first saw it BUT couldn't justify over $20.00 and glad I didn't because it came apart at the seams after the first use and all I carried was my wallet)
Jeans - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

3 Musketeers - All for one and One for all
My Son's Shoes - Wal-mart (I think I blogged about my savings on a previous post)
My daughter - Dolla Tree (the fab sandals I talked about above)
Me - Another pair of faux birks - I can't remember where I got them...but they're gold with a LEOPARD lining

What I'm wearing:
Fedora - Target NEW via the thrift (last year)
Cardi - Thrifted
Tank - Chico's
Jeans - hydraulic
Sandals - Faux birks - old....
Purse - Target NEW via the thrift

What I learned about packing for vacay in Clearwater.....I overpacked, packed too many dressy items....seriously y'all - no shirt, no shoes, no problem....the vibe was uber casual. I felt GREAT with my choices - not over dressed in the outfits I swapped out and put together (for example the cardi above was actually supposed to be a beach cover-up).
Off to see what you all wore!!

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