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Saturday, April 11, 2015


....Pics via my iphone for the week.....

Now that the weather is trending to warm I'm thinking I need to get to cleaning the garage (So I can park in there...ya know now that winter is over)

Warm weather inspires dreams of gardening..."Ivory Prince Lenten Rose"

After being sick for a month it's been SUPER hard getting back to the gym and eating healthy....I can see I've gained back what I lost SO I need to get MOTIVATED....I made alfredo pasta for the kids SO I added some to my california blend and chili chicken breast...was SO GOOD!!!

and I did work out 3x this week....

Maybe you have heard about the Tornadoes that touched down in the midwest (near Rockford) this pic was the view out my window...what a Diff 5 minutes makes!!!
 Picked up this FAB tape this week....more on that later in the week

Cute new (very busy HANDFUL) baby at rest....

Dreaming about flower shopping and planting my window box

Wore sandals yesterday and FROZE my toes off!!!
What have YOU been up to?!?!?

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