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Thursday, April 16, 2015


So today's post is a PIP (Post In Progress).....last summer I KNEW I wanted to do a pom-pom fringe umbrella BUT that never came fruition (I was back to working full time and trying to find the balance of it all).....Images like this make me SWOON!!!

SO last week I journaled in my mixed media journal my Patio wish / to-do list...
and what "they" say is TRUE!!! Speak it, write it, it will happen!!! I was thinking I ma going to have to wait for a Joann's coupon to get the pom-pom fringe (I figured it had to be between 6.00 and 8.00/yard) and I didn't even know how many yards I needed....
Whenever I am out and about I keep my eyes open for things for FUTURE projects or GREAT buys(But before I buy it I have to KNOW what I can do with it - no more buying JUST to buy)...So I was getting groceries Tuesday - popped into Joann fabrics and I make a bee-line to the clearance section...WHAT?!??!! Big white pom-pom fringe?!??!!

It was ORIGINALLY $7.99/yard marked down to $3.99/yard....SUCH a deal BUT out of my "no buy budget" JUST for kicks I took it to the cutting desk and asked them to scan it - $1.98/yard - WHAT?!?!?!? MMkay, I had to make the exception to the no-buy rule and get it (it WAS on my list after all) BUT they only had 5 yards (at this point in time I was unsure how many yards I really needed anyway)

So I brought my umbrella stand in the house, but just the top half of the umbrella in and began clothes pinning the fringe on....I am about 3 yards short (SO the search continues for pompom fringe on the cheap cheap)

Until then....we have a WIP (Work In Progress). Have YOU added pompom fringe to YOUR umbrella?!?!? If so lets have a linky party!!!

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