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Friday, April 10, 2015


For Easter I decided to bring some Sangria....I picked up this FAB (inexpensive) red sweet wine @ Aldi....Moiselle....SO delish!! 

I grabbed my big pickle jar (SEE I really do save everything!!! Like the old Depression era days...there's just something charming about reusing and recycling and using every bit of something)

I googled a few recipes and then kinda did my own thang.....I added 1 lemon sliced and seeded, 7 strawberries (tops cut off), 1 orange thin sliced, 1 granny smith apple thin sliced and 1 lime thin sliced....

Added the 2 bottles of wine, the fruit, 1/4 of vodka, splash of captain and a few tablespoons of sugar....let sit in the fridge overnight and VIOLA!!!
Come summer this would be DELISH with a nice white wine and some pineapples!!

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