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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A DAY IN LIFE..... via my iphone

Sunday Dinner 
(bowtie pasta with alfredo sauce and veggies)

Giant rabbit on my deck


Curbside finds...gettin ready for the flea  next month

FIRST grill of the year on a GORGEOUS midwest day (we were in the 70's HOLLA)

Pretty colors....Spring has SPRUNG

I have this black line on my's gotten bigger in the past month and a half...hoping it's a bruise but scared it could be more....

Cupcakes and my FAVE #starbucksflorida mug

Started THIS project..for more deets check out yesterdays post

The pups are all snuggled up together - a RARE moment of sweetness (and it's like camouflage against the black couch)

Mixed media journaling.....dreaming of warmer days.....

My FAVE kinda flowers....the kind picked with love by my son....

Had a proud momma girl is FAST

Got this SAD SAD note home from of my daughters classmates is the age of 16 he's in heart failure...he has a bucket list and the school is raising funds to help him fulfill his wishes....if YOU could / would like to donate - even $1.00 that would be SO AWESOME!!! Leave me a comment for the teachers contact info

I was up in the gym this week workin on my fitness....cause I'm fergaliscious!!! 

What have YOU been up to?!?!

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