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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A few weeks ago I ran into Target to pick up some meat and pasta for dinner....of COURSE I had to look at the Easter clearance (I don't NEED any easter decor BUT it's always fun to look for trinkets for the kids that can be used ANY time of the year or "spring" items that have now been clearanced). 

I left with the Mermaid bucket (which I JUST placed on my front porch - stay tuned MONDAY for that post) 2 pairs of ears, burlap ribbon (this was from the dollar spot and not on clearance BUT I have a project I will be using it for) and Princess lipsmackers!! WHO wouldn't want princess lipsmackers?!?!? ESP at $1.49 for all 4!!! 

 I also picked up this wreath - PERFECT for Cinco de Mayo decor and spring - summer - aren't the colors glorious?!?!? It's from the Spritz line and was $4.50 (SEE what I mean by items that are considered easter decor BUT can transition all thru the year?!?!?! I don't think I could've made it for less than $4.50!!!!).

I used it as a prop HERE under my cake stand.....

Ariel - Jelly Bean Treat, Aurora - Candy Coated Strawberry, Cinderella - White Chocolate Cookie and Princess Jasmine - Confetti Cake Pop....don't they sound YUMMY?!?! Is it wrong that a "grown up" is so excited over lipsmackers?!?!?! Actually these will display well with the Disney Collection Elf make-up my kids got me for Christmas (I don't want to use them  -they're so fab BUT the kids say use them - I should just use them right?!?!?). What did YOU get at Target's after Easter sale?!?!

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