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Monday, April 20, 2015


I have tried lotsa different scrap book crazes (original scrap booking when it was at the BOOM in 2000), Smashbook (I was always worried about "ruining" the pages so I would wait and wait until I had something really great and only half do a page or not do it all all) Project Life (this seems like a brilliant approach to a quick pop it and jot it BECAUSE they provide you with lil cue cards to get your thoughts in order). ALL of these are good options for a family / trip scrapbook BUT truth be told I am a #listmaker. I LOVE making a list because then what I need to do is FRONT AND PRESENT in my mind....I feel success when I cross something off AND it keeps me on task. Some days my lists are bigger than my allotted time BUT I always GO BIG for you never know WHAT you can accomplish until you try!!! 

My mixed media journal has been a GREAT way to store those magazine clippings of things that inspire me, sales ad's of things I want to buy and to-do lists that are more broad (ie NOT a daily basis chore list)....more of a future wants list, a dreamy home to-do list or a place to journal my thoughts. 


To-DO list and Sales ads....

Business Journal

WORK Inspiration

I LOVE this concept SO much that I now have one for just life, one for business and one for work! 

How can you NOT feel inspired?!??! 

What journal style do YOU prefer?!?!?!

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