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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A DAY IN THE LIFE.... via my iphone from the last TWO weeks.....

MRI Scan

.57 Short stacks at IHOP for their 57th Anniversary

Got BEAUTIFUL flowers delivered to me at work

Chicago Block Party with WILD Animals 

They opened the hydrants like the old days....TOTAL NOSTALGIA day

#BITHRDAYCAKE gum - WIN!!! Gorg Packaging and super delish

Started working on some priming of furniture for the fall flea....

The Dog SHRUNK after his bath
(kidding!!! That was all the hair I CUT OFF him...enough to make a small dog)

The kids were dying over the mannequins in the "fitting room"..they made me take a picture!!

Went to the casino for the second time EVER in my life!!! Tried our hand at winning - no such luck....

Week ended in the ER (on thursday) Ambulance ride and all (uber embarrassing since I was taken from work) I have been having dizzy spells and major headaches....left with no answers :(
I asked if I could go back to work the next day and The dr advised me to take the weekend off....and when I called in to update work they had already arranged for me to have the weekend off - wasn't that awesome?!?!?!

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