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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I had another post planned for today (growing your own celery from the "root" or leftover part we always cut off and throw was doing awesome in the house....

once I put it outside the dang rabbits had a field's been a tough summer for an edible garden with these rabbits....there are 6 babies that live in the area). SO instead we'll talk about my thrifted finds from Goodwill and The Salvation Army...same week....

I went to Goodwill just to see what's shakin there (I haven't been in a few months). I wasn't looking for anything in particular.....I SCORED some fab stuff and the irony is apparently I was on a theme without even realizing it until I took these pictures....

I just couldn't pass up this spoke to me...I still don't have a home for it BUT I had to have it!!!(and now I need a serape to lay across the table).

Baskets are such an EASY way to store items, change the look of existing pots, hold utilitarian objects and make them fabulous!!! (see my white ceramic tortilla holder !?!?! SWOON!!!!! That was the FIRST thing I picked up...knowing it would be perfect in my hutch with all my white ware AND we'd really use it)
I LOVE these glass candle holders (I would guess from a church? )

AS I was at the checkout I saw this purse out of the corner of my eye - NEED!!! Pretty camel and coral....quilted chanel-like look....

AND as I was taking the photos for this post I noticed IT TOO was "made in mexico" WHAT?!?!?! What are the chances?!?!?! It was a very latin haul and I LOVE it!!!

What have YOU thrifted lately?!??!! 

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