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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I believe EVERYWHERE you go has inspiration....One day my friend and I were going to the wine store and this GORG planter was outside on of the shops....the BURLAP is what caught my eye (see I have these cone shaped metal planters that the dirt always sinks down TOO far into, the plants sink too far down into, etc SO I haven't used them in the last few years BUT this year I brought them out because I wanted to try them again!!) and when I saw this planter lined with burlap I KNEW it was the SOLUTION!!! 

I am no stranger to trial and error...for example a few years ago at another house I had to get creative....It was fall, I got the hanging baskets and plants for UBER cheap the ONLY problem was I couldn't find the coco liners ANYWHERE at that time in the season....

SO I tried a vintage (plastic lined) valance I had gotten at the thrift store....

DEF better than just bare pots....

And LUCKILY I had enough to do BOTH!!!

 ok, ok, back to the planters I mentioned above....I know it's kinda hard to see the conical shape....

So I took a close up....

Bought my burlap on sale with my coupon (so it was only 2.38 for a yard)
 Cut the burlap in half and shoved it down into the cone....leaving me with some overflow on the top (that I cut into points)

And VIOLA!!!! I now have designer- like hanging baskets  for $2.38 - you couldn't even buy a SINGLE coco liner for that price (unless you found some at the dollar store - which is GREAT but I know for a fact too short for these particular baskets)

Do YOU use burlap in your outdoor decor?!?!?

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