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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I don't know about you BUT I LOVE a good neighborhood drive thru on garbage day (well actually the night before BECAUSE our garbage men come at 5am)....sometimes I have to go in the dark (which can be challenging BUT not impossible) for example last week I FOUND all these beauties at one stop....

I CAN'T believe these were still there!!! Usually the metal scrappers get there FIRST and I HATE when perfectly good stuff gets scrapped!!

The chairs match PERFECTLY with my patio table and will make great head table chairs for dinners (when entertaining I pull the table out and move the grill and the chaises to the lawn - they can't permanently reside there because of association by-laws and the lawn guy)

They match my chaise lounges....

And when I am NOT using them at the patio table they will be on front of the house (which we actually sit here quite a bit) replacing the pink ones that sold 

I'll show an updated pic once I get them settled in their home and a fresh coat of paint!! 

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