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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Do you put out these lil flags every Memorial, 4th and Labor day? In your planters? Along your pathway? I do....and some weather pretty well and others are worse for the wear (ie the sticks LITERALLY crack in half!! As was the story with MOST my lil yard flags)....I've been told you aren't supposed to throw flags away ("they" probably just mean the large flags BUT I still couldn't throw these babies away) SO I glue them to kabob skewers (as seen below) and then I figured I could make my OWN pennant flags from some eyelet pillowcase trim)....BUT I still had one lil lonely broken flag left....

SO, I framed it!!! I used to have my own boutique and I had a buncha these frames with various signage (as seen by the old navy sign) so I simply removed the flag from the broken stick (I did try to bleach it to give it a paler coloring - when that didn't work I left it out in the rain and sun for several days STILL to no avail...America's tough) and popped it into the frame....I LOVE it!!! I thought about doing this last year and never did (seems the simplest projects are the ones that get put off the longest). 

How have YOU decorated for the 4th?!?!? Leave me your blog link so I can check it out!!!

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