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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We are all here because we are inspired by visual images - right?!?! Images can be found on social media - instagram, blogs, facebook and in print - magazines, and books. Not all medias are crated equal (which I think we can attest to!). 

Look at this BEAUTIFUL issue of +Harper's BAZAAR for Dec/Jan 2017. If you've never read it immediately you can tell you're in for a treat. It's thick lush pages (the weight is heavier therefore no print comes through on the backsides) the ads are geared toward a glamorous rich life and there aren't any "fluff" pieces. 

Below is the current month AND February selection of magazines - these were all gathered for FREE from my local library. Mine to do whatever I wish with!! 

I have been big on the vision board band wagon the past couple of weeks...I find this helps keep my ACCOUNTABLE for my actions subconsciously reflect the dreams and ideas I have posted to my vision board (more on that in another post).

the BEAUTY is I had these FABULOUS tools below to utilize for inspiration!! HOW did I get them for free form my library? Simple...there is a shelf where they put materials that can be taken (sometimes it's extra copies, or magazines people have donated - which is where they go back once I am done with them UNLESS it's a really inspiring issue that I choose to keep). If you don't see something like this at your library - ASK....ask if they have a shelf with outdated magazines OR what they do with their outdated magazines. THIS has kept a few dollars in my pocket several times....I'll see the issue on the newstand and before I purchase it I will check at my library to see if it's there. It's not always but at least 65% of the time it is!!

My last piece of advice is BE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITIES......some magazines may not be what you'd usually choose BUT the beauty is you can expose yourself to something new at NO CHARGE!!! 
Does your library have something like this? I'd LOVE to hear from ya!

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