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Saturday, January 21, 2017


....Pics via my iphone from the past week....
These are mere snapshots into my life for the week....

Got the bar cart decked out for L O V E 

Simply strung a glittered love banner across my abstract print 

It's been a foggy week...the sun is FINALLY shining today!!! 

Working on my fitness goals....Slowly on the down tick 

SEE! Legit working on it!! Hit the gym 3x this week....I'm starting to notice I can do my cardio a bit longer without feeling like I'm gonna have a heart attack and SERIOUSLY this week the gym has been my therapy...walk it out...walk it out...

After spending time in the gym, going home and making a salad for dinner is EASY....

Coffee....a reg in my cup a day fo'sure....some days it's two!!!'s what's for breakfast...honestly they aren't my fave (unless they're in an omelet with meat and cheese) BUT I do realize the vast benefits of the protein!


Girl bossin' it! Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance....I LOVE the 6P's and am working on utilizing my planner MORE (like writing in the obvious things like school, the gym, etc because if they're "scheduled" I am more likely to complete them AND I love crossing off a DONE item!).

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

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