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Thursday, January 19, 2017


I am probably a little behind in this choker trend (and if that's true all I have to do is what another 15 years and it will cycle back around!).

I adore the looks of some of them...and there's certainly a style for EVERYone....BUT I just can't justify paying $14.99 for some string, ribbon, faux leather....

sorry +Target BUT if you are NOT a do-it-yourself kinda girl, check out these GREAT options +Target . There is this GORG Kenneth J Lane pearl and rhinestone choker that mama likey....

Image via +Target and retails for $125.00 (I did a double take...Target's fashion jewelry is never that much BUT Kenneth's name carries a price....something like this might actually be perfect for my     40 & Fabulous photo shoot).

On to the tutorial - that is what ya came here to see - right?!?! 

EVERYWHERE I go is an opportunity to find INSPIRATION....maybe that's the mind of an artist/crafter....

As I mentioned above, I didn't want to pay $10 - 15.00 for a simple choker....So while just perusing through Ross I spied this headband that I thought would make a PERFECT choker!! Thin, lightweight and could EASILY be de-constructed (literally this project took 7 minutes...including finding my I have no idea WHY I procrastinated SO LONG on doing it!! I've had this headband since early November). As you can see from the backside photo it was only $2.99 - sounds like a GREAT price point to me!!!

The elastic was attached to metal circles already clamped on the headband - SCORE!!! I simply opened the ring and removed the elastic from BOTH sides....

I went ahead and clamped on a necklace extender (a left over from another jewelry project - this is a PERFECT example of why NOT to throw away things) on one side, and the clasp on the other (lucky for me it was the PERFECT length).

Whatcha think?!?! Worth $2.99?!?! FO'SURE!!!!

Anyone remember the movie the name on my t-shirt is from?!?! Leave YOUR answer in the comment section!!! Maybe we'll have to do a lil giveaway!!

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