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Friday, January 13, 2017

FOODIE FRIDAY.....Chicken, Brown Rice and Veggies

Are you with me?!?! NEW YEAR, NEW ME!! That means meal prepping, healthy choices and no salt!! No salt means creative cooking (my go to choice of seasoning is garlic).

During one of my #meathauls I picked up a bunch of +JustBareChicken   - my FAVORITE to cook with and they were on sale for $4.99/package....a lil pricey BUT their mission "good food for more people" is one I can get behind! 

I added olive oil to my pan, waited until it was HOT and added the seasoned chicken breasts (I used garlic powder and adobo). Browned on both sides then turned low and added some water to cook slow and tender....
While my chicken cooked I made  brown rice in the rice cooker (I added to the fry pan JUST before serving to soak up all those good chicken juices and give a lil infusion of the remaining olive oil). The veggies shown are steam fresh frozen (if not fresh veggies I prefer the frozen as they are preserved with less chemicals) and were added to the pan after the chicken was done cooking - again to soak up the chicken juices that formed when cooking. I ENJOYED this meal - my son not as much! It's a PERFECT healthy balance. All opinions are my own - no compensation from the products listed - just my personal preference.

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