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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Have you heard of the 6P's?!?! For those of you who have - do you apply them in your every day living? If the answer is yes - how?!?! I always like to learn new things, so please share in teh comment section! For those of you who are going through all the "P" words in your mind trying to figure it out, they are :

  • Prior
  • Proper
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance
I think this lil reminder is SO CRUCIAL to success - whether it's in business, finances, getting fit, running a home or even COOKING!!! Being prepared saves you time, angst and MONEY!! (who doesn't like to save money?!?!). 

Several years ago I found a framed "painting" (really just a picture on a slab of particle board) at a flea market...the frame was was the end of the day at the end of the weekend and I scored said framed "art" for $1.00 (sorry I don't have a before - I remember being so ANXIOUS to just get started on my treasure). 

I use a pretty permanent (it will come off with some elbow grease and a damp cloth) chalk marker that I got a Target in the dolla spot a few years ago....drew out a grid with the days of the week, added an Italian saying at the bottom : "Tutti a tavola a mangiare!" which translates to "EVERYONE to the table to eat!". There is nothing warmer than sharing a meal, breaking bread and having a full table! 

In theory each week I will plan out my menu based on the on-hand ingredients OR what may be on sale (I am a TOTAL saver and CHASE good deals)
 This weeks menu:
Sun - Chicken w/Brown rice and veggies
Mon - Leftovers: Lasagna, Ham, Pizza
(when cooking it's inevitable to have leftovers...SO why not make a night of it....we affectionately refer to it as "catchers can" night...everyone gets what they want - no cooking for me AND no waste!).
Tues - Pulled Pork Tacos
Wed - Parmesan Spinach Gnocchi
Thurs - Cheeseburgers, Tossed Salad and Fries
Fri - Flat Breads and Spinach Salad
Sat - Breakfast for Dinner - Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Below you will see I did my grocery shopping based on a list I made (from the missing items I needed from my weekly meal plan). Not only did I got with a list BUT I wanted to find the BEST prices. Target's meat selection has always been stellar AND I know I can usually get some kinda meat on the daily sales special...for example - the ground sirloin you see retails for $7.99/package - I paid $3.99 (Target's weekly ad had the meat priced at $6.99/package AND I picked the $3.00-off today packs) SO I got 96% lean ground sirloin for $3.99/package - STEAL!!!

The spinach salad is in my menu 2 days AND goes in the gnocchi SO buying the $1.00 OFF bags was a no brainer BECAUSE I KNEW I'd be using it this week (no matter how good a deal is IF it's something you aren't going to use it's NOT A DEAL).

The package of Chicken Breasts was $5.00 OFF (retailing for $9.99 I paid $5.99 and will get at least 2 meals from that package). The pasta's were on sale for $1.45 and I had a .55 coupon off I paid $2.35 for two boxes ($1.17 each) for Barilla pasta (which is my pasta of choice). One box is for a meal on next weeks menu and you can never go wrong having pasta on hand! 

While checking out my pantry/freezer staples I got a jump on next weeks menu - jotted it down on a post it and stuck it to the back of the menu board so I am ready for next week! 

What are YOUR meal planning tips? 

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