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Monday, January 16, 2017


Are you like me?!?! I can't go into the +Dollar Tree and JUST buy what I went for (you know like lightbulbs, toilet paper in a pinch, great priced seasonal decor). I ALWAYS have to check out the cosmetic section (Sometimes there are GREAT finds there - +Milani Cosmetics is one of my FAVES, I've gotten Physicians Formula, Fergie, Elf) and nails...I get the majority of my synthetic nails from there...I saw this GORGEOUS color and figured for a dolla I had to give it a try! 

 It's LA Colors # 203 SMOLDER (don't you LOVE the name?!?!)

The way the light hits the polish affects what color the eye perceives....sometimes it looks like a really pretty rose gold and other times it almost has a mauve-y lilac hint to it...

                                            That glitter THOUGH!!! Don't you LOVE glitter?!?! 

RIP Big Ang
(came across this image while looking for the quote below...I loved Big Ang...her passing was so sad)
(there are two kinds of people in the world - the ones who LOVE glitter and the ones who LOATHE glitter). 

Do you ever pick up nail products from Dollar Tree?!?!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

i just loved Big Ang too. can hardly believe she is gone. have a great weekend!