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Saturday, November 7, 2015

A DAY IN THE LIFE.... via my iphone from the past week.....
WOW!! What a week it's been!!!!

Spotted some FAB (and not-so fab) stuff at #target
(I LOVED this vest from a distance BUT when I put it on I felt like Cookie Monster - as large and as blue!!). These purses are FABULOUS colors and so designer looking...

 Yes, Yes, Yes, I am IN the Christmas Spirit (I know I know it's too early BUT that time of year is so MAGICAL makes everything seem possible). I NEED that #joy sign and the pillows!!!

Gettin my holiday craft on....

Me and my gurl sporting matching boots - I'll give you a guess which gams are hers!!!

Morning journaling and success planing...coming up with NEW and EXCITING blog posts and making my vision boards (for lotsa stuff - home, business, wish lists, new products to try)

 Do you ever meet those people that come into your life as strangers and become family?!?!? My sista from a different mista! She has taught me far more than she realizes and always has my back! Love her to the moon and back! #friends

Gorg 70 degree midwest days had me grillin....

Can't go wrong with steak and potatoes #beef it's what's for dinner!!!

Someone I know (and gave birth to) got her drivers license the other day!! I'm SO PROUD of her!

Went to the mall Friday and SANTA arrived there too tonight (too early in my opinion....BUT that doesn't mean I'm not in the HO-HO-HOLIDAY spirit!!). H&M display....

Lights in the mall

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