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Thursday, November 19, 2015


 Anyone who knows me KNOWS I don't go with the flow....I'm unconventional in a conventional sort of way! I LOVE the idea of a "bar cart" BUT don't have a lot of wall space as my floor plan is pretty open. SO I tried a vintage typewriter cart in the only space I had (which is where THIS round table is sitting now)
 And I found the rectangular shape to be BAD with traffic flow (and that's when I popped this round table in it's place). The original mirrored top that was cut to fit IN the circle has been long lost or broken  BUT that's not gonna stop me...I have a GARAGE FULL of bits and the round mirror I placed on top (temporarily until I can find a smaller one on my thrifting adventures). What I like about this piece is it has a small drawer....PERFECT for cocktail napkins and stirring sticks....

 I placed my liquor bottles first (I used a vintage haegar white piece to raise them up)

Added in my other bottles in front and to the right....

 A #moscowmule was on my summer bucket list (and I NEVER got to cross it off) so when I saw these ginger beers in the store (one of the MAIN ingredients) I knew I had to pick them up so I can give the mule a try! (in all honesty these cans sat in the cardboard box they came in for MONTHS) only when I started to really SEE the bar cart was I able to figure out to open the cardboard and ready the cans for drinking (and a pretty display). So SIMPLE and quite an AHA moment....I simply placed the cans on a rimmed white plate....

I added in a large vintage round bottom jar (large enough to fit cocktail napkins in and DISPLAY them to coordinate with the seasons). I added 2 stacked vintage flower frogs (in which I displayed the Moscow Mule recipe I cut off the box they came in) as well as a small white hobnail (sugar?) dish with gold glitter coasters.

 I hung this turquoise framed print too FINALLY (I mean it's only been sitting around for 2 months  now...and I will be posting about that soon).

 How do YOU style your bar cart?!?!?!

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