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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Usually it's THRIFTY Tuesday BUT today I am doing a THANKFUL TUESDAY post BECAUSE I want to share my Thanksgiving decorations with you!! I know I'm an anomaly in the blogger world as everyone is getting their Christmas on....I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas (in fact Melakaliki Makai is on in the background as I type this) and I have seen all the Hallmark movies since the day after Halloween BUT I just can't rush the season. I SAVOR each day....Christmas is SO MAGICAL - the season where ANYTHING is possible (look at the birth of Jesus). So each day leading up to it is SPECIAL.

OK, I started at the top of my china hutch....Looks happy and thankful right?!??!

THIS is the part I debated showing you...
(does some piece of furniture in your house become a catch-all?!?!? It's usually the kitchen table BUT then when we need that extra space it all gets shoved know where ALL the important papers and stuff go)

The ONLY way to cure a mess like that is take it ALL out...
(which you need to do to dust anyway - right?!?!?)
AND selectively put pieces that are relatable BACK in (I LOVE having everything I own out at once or else I forget about it). SO TA-DA...there is my Thankful china hutch...all the WHITE dishes are the same that were there before (the bottom shelf is adorned with vintage holiday transferware)

OF COURSE when changes happen EVERYTHING ends up getting a touch-up...the top is simpler (I thought I would like the idea of the basket with all the pumpkins flowing out BUT not up there...AND the platter doesn't fit on the shelf - I seem to forget that every year).

I GUESS there IS a thrifty portion to this post!! I went to Target 2 days after Halloween for some spooktacular deals (it was only at 50% off then so I didn't get any halloween decor). I found this mixed in with the regular #glade candles and it was a SCORE!!! $1.48 !! SO of course I dug through the entire candle shelf looking for more (to no avail). It's the PERFECT for me scent...vanilla overtones with a leather manly undertone...and the name - SWOON!! PERFECT for me - "FALL ANTIQUING"

I busted that bad bird out and put in my tall cylinder atop the sand (I KNOW sand and fall don't mix BUT that sand we brought back from our trip to Clearwater back in March and the sand reminds me of the HAPPY BEST-EST days we had together as a family SO I'm not ready to put it away. 

So I figured if I ADDED neutral golden topped acorns from #target ON the sand it instantly becomes fall - RIGHT?!?!?!

Are you team Thanksgiving *OR* team Christmas?!??!

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