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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


A new Salvation Army recently opened not too far from me AND to say I'm addicted may be an understatement (BUT I have gotten some really GREAT things there). I may or may not be there at LEAST once a week if not twice!! (because Fridays after 5 the ticket color of the weeks is .99 NO MATTER the price....I've gotten things that are 26.00 for .99). 

I picked up this wire basket figuring it would be perfect for my summer flea it was going to sit in the garage useless until then....(I have a LOT of stuff like that - how about you?!?!?). 

At under a dollar there's LOTS that could be done with this piece (pop a coco liner in it and you have a flower pot, toss some larger shells in there and you have a summer display, use it as a catchall for mittens and hats....the options are endless!! 

While perusing blogland last week I was inspired to do THIS......

I simply added a liner I had stashed away (good thing I save most EVERYTHING!!) from my one of my sons baskets back when he was a baby 10 years ago (WHAT?!??!)

The liner was a little larger than the basket SO I just tucked the excess down into the bottom of the basket (there is a drawstring closure and lil ties to attach it to the basket)

And VIOLA!! I have a cutie winter-y display for the holidays that is natural, easy and cost UNDER a dolla!! (the large pinecones were gifted to me by a fellow vendor at a flea market earlier this fall, the liner I had and the basket was .89).

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