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Friday, November 6, 2015


So one of my homegurls told me about crockpot chicken fajitas...and THIS is an adaption from her slice your peppers and onions and place in the bottom of the crockpot (I added a few swirls of olive oil to prohibit sticking of the veggies)

Then you simply add your chicken - NO LIQUID (I was like wha? huh? that can't be right?!?! won't it be dry?!??! She said "trust me it'll be fine). I don't use a packaged fajita seasoning (because I try to keep it al natural except for when I a having Sbux or candy bars or whatever....lets not get off track). It's a combination of Mrs. Dash Chili-lime seasoning, garlic powder and cumin (there are no preservatives to keep it from sticking or whatever LIKE in the packaged seasoning envelopes).

Cook on low for about 5-6 hours and VIOLA!! You have beautiful chicken and peppers!!!
(this particular night my daughter was getting home late from a game SO we forwent the fajitas and had the chicken breast with peppers over rice (something easy for her to re-heat). 

The next day however we were having the fajitas (and I had to add more chicken and peppers since we ate the majority of it the night before). I needed the peppers to be cooked STAT so I charred the halves over the burner and sliced once they were cool....

I added the charred peppers to the crock pot and the chicken breast (which was cooled and shredded while I made the peppers)

Cooked for another 45 minutes in the crockpot and dinner was D O N E done!!!

Buen Provecho 
(that's steam coming off the food)

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