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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I spend a lot of time in my gym clothes as of late (I am really really trying hard to get fit again....after a bad cold that wouldn't leave back in MARCH I fell out of my workout routine and it's been so HARD to get back on track {and a health scare that lasted ALL SUMMER LONG made me skiddish to get back in the gym also} BUT that's all behind me now and I try to make the gym a regular habit).  I like linking up to The Pleated Poppy for WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY to try and stay accountable. Check out all the FAB girls participating in WIWW!!

 What I'm wearing:
Shoes - Nike
Pink Leopard Leggings - Walmart
Pink Zip Hoodie - Target

My camera was FULL so my homegurl had to use her camera to take my pic and the flash goes 3 times BEFORE the actual flash (hence the shitty look on my face) and really the post is about the outfit deets right?!?!?!?
What I'm wearing:
Vest - Thrifted
Red Plaid Button Down - Target via thrift (the funny thing about this shirt is I bought it at target on clearance and returned it because the collar is all sequins and I thought it would be scratchy and drive me MAD. BUT when you get it on thrifty dolla days it's worth a shot and oh-so PERFECT for the holidays).
Purse - Betsy Johnson
Watch - Michael Kors
Jeggings - YMI from Burlington Coat factory (and the BEST jeggings I've owned)
Booties - Target

What I'm wearing:
Cowl Tunic - Target via the thrift (I LOVE the length and ordinarily wouldn't work out in something that looks so "fancy" BUT when you pay $1.25 WHO CARES?!?!? Style and budget - check, check)
Leopard Leggings - Burlington Coat Factory (MORE than just great coats!!)
Booties - Target (I didn't actually WEAR these at the gym...of course I had on gym shoes).

When the cold weather approaches my uniform is scarves, leggings and boots.....
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf - #kmart
Tunic - Local boutique
Leggings - Walgreens (these bad birds are fleece lined)
Booties - Target (the plush lined inside makes my feet (toasty) and HAPPY (and I got the deal of the century by cashing in gift cards I earned - if you're interested in finding out more - leave me a message)

SAME uniform!! Scarf, Leggings and boots!! 
 What I'm wearing:
Scarf - Lane Bryant
Vest - LL Bean (NEW) via the thrift - STILL had the tags on it!!
Sweater - Nordstrom (via the thrift)
Leggings - Same as above
Boots - Target OLD 2009

*** You'll notice the vest is the same ABOVE and below ***
What I'm wearing:
Hat - Fam Dolla (BEST place hands down to get inexpensive accessories)
Skully Scarf - Target
Grey Sweatshirt jacket WITH the softest most amazing white fur collar - Target 2012
Grey tunic Sweater (you can see it peeking out between by buttons) - Walmart 2013
Leggings - CVS
Boots - Coach

Now that winter has hit (lows in the teens at night and 20's during the day PLUS awful snow on the ground) all I want to do is wear tunics that are cozy like a sweatshirt and so soft and leggings and turtlenecks or scarves. What's YOUR go-to for the cold?!?!?

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Sydney Fashion Hunter said...

I love your puffa vest! I host a fashion link up every Wednesday and would love you to stop by and add a link if you get a chance!