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Thursday, November 5, 2015


I KNEW this year I was going to be a #sugarskull for Halloween....and I also KNEW I wanted a larger than life head piece (ok sure sure, I could've bought any ONE of the MILLION they were selling in the stores BUT there's something to be said fro handcrafted). SO I gathered my supplies (I bought the large pink, purple and burgundy flowers at #JoAnnfabrics - I think they were about $4.00 for the 3 of them - 2 are clip and one is pin on). 

 I already had the headband and the felt....
I started by cutting a piece of felt to cover the metal binding (so it wouldn't catch on my hair) about 1/4 of the headband). I took hot glue and ran it across the middle of the headband) and joined the felt together....

Once that was done I arranged the flowers in the felt as I wanted them (the ones that had clips I simply clipped on so I could remove later if I wanted to and the pin the same thing)....and VIOLA!!! Here is the largest headpiece known to man! In this photo it looks like a bathing cap....

But when pulled off to one side its simply P E R F E C T I O N!!!

And I'm totally wearing this in real life again!!! 

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