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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Hi Friends! It's THRIFTY Tuesday here at Object of Maya*ffection!! The items you are about to see were JUST thrifted today! I hit the thrift JACKPOT today!! 

First up is this pretty FAB vintage umbrella in PERFECT shape!! Doesn't it look like something we could run to Target and buy today!?!?!

 I picked up this dreadful denim vest(I went with the intention of getting a denim jacket and cutting the sleeves off for an upcoming project)....BUT there were no denim jackets (which was kinda weird) and this was already a vest!! Wait til you see the makeover (I hope it comes out FAB)

Ok, so we're friends right? Are these shoes AWESOME or AWFUL?

Tell me friends, could these be cute with the right skirt or pair of shorts? 

I know they are old BUT are they old lady-ish? Like circa the Golden Girls (whom I happen to LOVE and put as my going nighty nigh show)....Since neon is so HOT right now I figured I maybe could pull these off with the right outfit!!

 I also picked these FABBY McFab wedges up at the thrift too! NOW, they were a lil tight (BUT I am attributing that to me being on my feet all morning in OTHER wedges) so If by chance they don't "stretch" I will be selling them!

But they are pretty FAB aren't they!?!?! Maybe I can wear them when I am NOT walking?!?

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Tamera Beardsley said...

Hello my dear! Thank you for the lovely comment my world their is no higher compliment than to be told I have inspired! Thank you and best of luck!!