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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I tell ya, these weeks FLY by!! Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW). Check it out

Thursday's outfit was based on FEELING pulled together WHILE being comfortable!

What I am wearing:
Camo Green Maxi Dress (My FAVE go to) - Thrifted
Black and white stripe Top - H&M via the Thrift
Gold Sandals - WalMart 2011
Tassel Necklace - Target via The Thrift (and I blogged about that yesterday on Thrifty Tuesday...if ya didn't check it out, be sure to do so)
Long Pearl Necklace - Thrifted
Short Pearl Necklace - Gifted
Assorted Bangles - All thrifted
 Ok, so ignore the maddish face (it was supposed to be my supermodel pose) the POINT of this picture is to notice how jewelry impacts an outfit....I realize it gets slightly lost in the stripes BUT you can see the difference (and especially when I took the striped shirt off). So PILE ON THOSE ACCESSORIES girls! Don't be can always pare them down a bit if you think it's too much BUT you never know until you try!!

In case you missed yesterday post, these were one of the featured photo's....all the jewelry in this photo was thrifted.....most within the last few weeks. See the black enamel bracelet? Isn't it the "Bee's Knees"'s from the Joan Rivers collection.....I LOVED it the moment I saw it AND even got a discount at the thrift on it to boot! Another lesson, don't be afraid to ask if they (the thrift) can do better on the price....sometimes they will and sometimes they won't...depends how long the item has been there....

Friday was flea market set up day....I needed to be comfy, cute AND wear something I wasn't afraid to ruin.....This lace shirt was the perfect choice because the pattern would disguise any dirt (and truth be told the shorts are my "painting" shorts!!)

 What I am wearing:
Lace Tee - Rue 21 2009
Denim Shorts - Lane Bryant 2010
Cowboy Boots (a Flea STAPLE) - Mall of America, MN 1999 - I L O V E these boots...they are my go to when I don't know what else to wear....
Sunnies - Local Supermarket OF ALL PLACES!! I have been wanting to try the white frame and I simply ADORED the "infiniti" shape

Saturday was the first day of the flea....I coordinate my outfits with the color theme or style of my booth...

What I am wearing:
Decree Dress? (far too short for this big bootie to wear as a dress) - Thrifted
Pink & White Striped Tank - Thrifted
**Do you see the pattern mixing? And there was NO pink in the dress but it worked!!**
Capris - Hydraulic
Boots - same as above

After a day full of blowing dust it was back to shower, change and head out to dinner.....

What I am wearing:
Dress - Kohls
Orange Purse - Thrifted
Sandals - Thrifted
Ok ladies, here's an omission....I felt like a HOT mess in this guy took a pic to show me I didn't look like a hot mess....when I looked in the mirror, it didn't coordinate and I just felt awful {I'm also sporting wet hair} SO the moral of this story IS if you feel awkward, take a picture - the camera doesn't lie....that way you can tweak until your hearts content!!

Sunday was back at the flea and again, I coordinated with my booth
What I am wearing:
Pink Cardi - Ann Taylor via the thrift
Yellow Tank - Walmart
Peachy Striped tank (peeking out form the bottom of the yellow tank) - Target 2010
Capris - Hydraulic
Gold beaded flipps - Target via the thrift

Off to see what y'all wore! HAPPY hump day!!


smk053078 said...

Holy thrifted those bracelets??? I am in LOVE!!! You scored big with these lovelies!! Can I borrow? Pretty, please? And could you get any cuter with your poses?

Stacy@The Project Shoppe said...

Thanks for stopping by on WIWW! I love all the thrifting, accessorizing, and fun outfits you put together!