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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Try IT Thursday....Lace Cap Sleeves

I think I might try doing something new....every Thursday posting a "Try IT" and myabe do a linky party.....would y'all play along?!?! Maybe a project, recipe, nail polish idea, etc....

Lemme preface this post by saying I H A T E White shirts (Of ANY kind) . I know they are a classic wardrobe staple and some of y'all swear by them...I just feel like they don't look good on me. I bought a pack of men's white v-necks with the idea of trying to be "simple" BUT anyone who knows me KNOWS simple and Janae don't go together!! I have a few ideas and this was one of them....although I can't take complete credit...I was inspired by Giuliana Rancic's lavendar sweater she wore on her show Giuliana and had lace cap sleeve accents....I remembered I had lace I cut off a skirt I have (I did take pics but this was last May and since I hadn't worn the skirt until recently I never thought I would and that the project was a fail.....So i deleted the pics - I know, GASP!! It was this skirt that I cut....

See, I have a LONG strip of lace....(and the white T)

So last night at 9:30pm I started a project (isn't that what any reasonable person does?!?!) and ta-da!! Here are the results (since it was after 10pm I had no photographers and had to de a self portrait)
 I just tacked and gathered the lace with a plain 'ol needle and thread! ps, I DON'T sew, SO (ha ha ha) IF I can do this, anyone can....

I wore it today (sorry NO outfit spoiler post - just the shirt) and got several from a very cute trendy chic at Twice is Nice consignment shop! 
Lemme know if YOU try this!!

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