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Monday, May 7, 2012

A day in the life.....

Spent Saturday at the Kane County Flea Market....was going to vend BUT the weather was supposed to be bad....while Saturday was overcast, COULD'VE been a great day to sell....lots of people (however most were empty handed) BUT Sunday was OMINOUS....with torrential downpours....SO, it was a good that I was just an observer this go 'round! Were you there? What did you BUY or Sell? 

I found these F A B ankle cowboy boots...they were wide so I thought they might be mens....SO I had to try them on....

Can we say L O V E?!?! at first sight?!?! If they had been a thumbs length smaller, they would've been mine (and the asking price was only $40.00). I just adored the green color!!

I picked up some of these for future products to be featured at "The Pec Thing" May 18-20th

Fun to see all the different kinds of beads.....for some strange reason I was DRAWN to the rock-like beads....

When I saw these I had NO idea what they were....any guesses? 

Milk glass taper candle stick holders....Pretty neat huh? 

In honor of the Kentucky Derby I tried this hat on.....I want to go to The Derby JUST to wear a hat and sip a mint julep (HOWEVER I think I need a much grander hat)

I'm not mad, I swear!! THis was supposed to be my "I'm too sexxy for these fab vintage glasses pose" and there was no mirror to see how they looked.....despite the silly face I LOVED them....the asking prices - $10.00....momma walked away without the glasses (IF you know me in real life you know I LOVE to be frugal - it's a challenge and a thrill....there are a few things I won't bat an eyelash at price wise {Coach, bare minerals make-up and SOME shoes} but most everything else I am Frugal Frieda).
Thankfully as I walked away the sweet lady vendor said "I'll take $5.00" and momma said "SOLD"....see that folks, in a matter of seconds she realized she was going to lose a sale and came down half....I would've paid $8.00!!

Speaking of the flea, IF you live in Illinois, Wisconsin or Iowa, come check me out at THE PEC THING at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds Friday May 18 (actually set up day but early tix are available) SATURDAY MAY 19 and SUNDAY MAY 20th



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Makaila said...

Fun! Love the pics of you and your man!! What a fun day. :)