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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wednesday means it's time to link up with the Pleated Poppy Remember last week's Try It Thursday I showed you the t-shirt I made by simply sewing lace onto the sleeves of a plain white T? If not, check it out here

It only seemed natural to pair the t-shirt with the skirt it was made from!!! I funked it up with a brown belt (so OUT of my "comfort zone" as I would've done a black belt) and cowboy boots....I was channelling my Inner Skylar Lane (and how the bleep bleep did she get sent home over Holly or Jessica?!?!?!).

What I am wearing:
White Hanes T with black lace accents
Brown Belt - Thrifted
Black Lace Skirt - Marshall's
Black Cowboy Boots

Friday I decided to try pattern mixing AND wearing it backwards!!

 What I am wearing:
Leopard Cardi - Thrfited
Grey and Cream Striped Dress - Marshall's
Caramel Gladiator Sandals - Thrifted (NEW)

See how low cut this would be IF I had worn it forward? 
 I liked the elegant higher neckline in the front vs. the back....moral of the story - don't ever be afraid to TRY SOMETHING NEW!!
 and here is how I wore the SAME dress in August 2011 with different accessories....

See how different the same piece of clothing can look with different accessories?!?! Same concept...cardi and sandals - totally different look.

Saturday I was meandering the flea market so I dressed for comfort....
 What I am wearing:
Skully T-shirt: Boys section at Wal-Mart, cut by me (neckline and sleeves)
Sweatshirt - Last minute purchase at Wal-mart due to the chilly weather - again from the Boys Section
Jeans - Maurices 2009
AWESOME Boot - Vendor at the Flea (too big so I couldn't buy them)

Monday found the midwest wet and cool, so I KNEW I needed my rain boots and a hood!
 What I am wearing:
Grey Striped Hooded Jacket - Wal-Mart 2011
Black and Grey Striped Shirt - Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart
Black Jeggings - Seven via Marshall's
Leopard Rain Boots - Aldi

Did ya notice my pattern mixing? The 2 different kinda stripes on top? (I know its hard to see the stripes in the jacket) and leopard in the boots? Although I think leopard is a neutral!!

Tuesday morning....this was my "walking" apparel.....I have gained 15 pounds (YIKES) since the summer and my clothes remind me everyday! I have all this fab stuff that I can't even SQUEEZE into so I am slowly starting to so something about it....I walk 2 miles....I just started last week and only did it 4 times....I need to also control my diet because no matter how many miles I walk it won't keep that entire bag of kettle cooked chips off my hips!!

Tuesday's outfit wasn't that impressive....I was so busy all day I never made it into the shower after my walk BUT I did at least change my t-shirt so I looked a lil more presentable for school pick-up....My photog extraordinaire asked why even bother taking a pic....I replied "Just keeping it real" So that's my reasoning for today peeps.....just keeping it real! 


Makaila said...

I love your Skylar inspired outfit! You nailed it!! How have we not talked AI?? We are hooked this season!

Jessie @ Dream and Differ said...

I love the strops and leopard together! They look great~ I think you can use leopard as a neutral... but maybe that's just me (I love me some leopard print!). And I would never have known that dress was backwards, too funny! :)

Jessie @ Dream and Differ said...

*Stripes* not strops.

Emily said...

I can't believe you thrifted that cardigan! It is adorable! Great find!!