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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday

Welcome to THRIFTY TUESDAY!! Here you will see my thrifty finds of the week and I'd LOVE to see what you found too!! 

While thrifting in DeKalb I found this FAB purse! Jenny grabbed it before I could...luckily she also couldn't see herself using it on a daily basis...Not that I could....Ok, who am I kidding, I could totally use gold, leopard and tortoise chain everyday - RIGHT?!?!?! 

 Yes friends, that is a BETSY JOHNSON purse....from the Pussycat Doll collection....can we say LOVE!?!!? And now that I heard the sad news that Betsy has filed bankruptcy, I feel like her pieces are even more rare now...she will still be producing a line for Macy's (which is a yay! Because it will be more affordable BUT boo because her stores were so CUTIE!!).

And while on the topic of handbags....I have been on the hunt for a fabby new purse (there was a Betsy Johnson at Tj Maxx last week BUT as you know, you snooze you loose....we went back to get it and it was LONG gone  - insert sad face here). While at Goodwill yesterday (one of the expensive ones...that has a set price for shirts, dresses, etc) I found this awesome tangerine colored handbag...see the cute slower detail? The beads - almost pearl like in the center of each flower....BRAND NEW and only $3.49

I also have been DYING for some fun and funky wedges BUT just don't want to spend $30.00 at Target ...see, I told you, I am "thrifty"!! At the same GW, I found these BRAND NEW FUN colored wedges....

I LOVE accessories! They ALWAYS fit and can totally transform that ho-hum outfit into WOW! Or by changing accessories makes the same outfit look new! Here are a few things I found last week:

Crystal and gold chain, big bold gold ball necklace from Talbots...

The necklace on the left is for a project á la Tamera Beardsley (when I make it I will feature my take and HER original link) and do you see that FABBY McFab white necklace on the right?!?! The ball is huge and reminds me of a brain BUT I LOVE it! It'll look so sharp paired with a collared shirt.

Tell me about YOUR favorite find! 

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Makaila said...

Wow, you SCORED. that Betsy bag is so YOU. I love it!