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Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a Flea Thing.....

Whew! What a busy, crazy fast weekend! I know, I Missed "Try It Thursday", "Foodie Friday" and "A Day In The Life"....I vended at "The Pec Thing" this past weekend (thank you for all who came by - and my new bff's -you KNOW who you are!!). So I was tied up with the flea market, my dog was attacked by a neighbor dog Thursday afternoon, which resulted in me rushing her to the vet for was the WORST sound and sight (My daughter and I were outside with the dog when it happened and there was NOTHING we could do - the other dog is enormous and vicious - has attacked several other dogs in the neighborhood)...Thank GOD my pooch is on the mend! Friday I was running around to all the local garage sales and setting up at the fairgrounds. My theme for this show (because EACH show must have a theme...I don't like hodgpodge) was.....

Think Ralph Lauren's bright polo line or Tommy Hilfigers ad campaign last summer.

Here is my booth (it was a HUGE double space....when I talked to the gal on the phone she said it was a smaller spot, so I packed accordingly)
 And I was disappointed that all my merchandise was essentially "floating" because I had SO MUCH SPACE....BUT I made the best of it!

 These GORG vintage dresses FLEW off the shelf with in 15 minutes of the market opening!! I really really wanted to keep the green paisley one BUT that is the hazard of this biz....I wasn't to keep everything but can't (if it would've fit, I would've had a leg to stand on in the campaign to keep it)

I took my jewelry and sold several  LOTS of positive feedback!!

When going to these markets there are several things you CAN'T control....the weather, the crowds, whether or not people will open their pocketbooks and other Vendor displays....for example....

 (you see all that stuff on the ledge? NOT MINE and was "ruining" my display....SO we went to a garage sale and got a sheet and solved our problem!! I would have preferred white, cream or grey BUT sometimes we have to make it work - live in the grey so to speak)

Sunday I matched my display (this was NOT a happy accident...I actually plan my wardrobe around my display so everything coordinates)....

These pieces are my FAVORITE!! Isn't the golf ball art FUN?!?!?!? (it's still available for purchase if you're interested)

Saturday was SCORCHING at 92 degrees....thankfully we were in the shade and had a nice breeze but it was still HOT!

And after all the pics I will leave you with this final thought....

(if you are creative at all, which I'm sure you are, you know that there are some people who just aren't...WE are their GO To GALS!!).

Have a great day y'all!!

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Tamera Beardsley said...

Love how you coordinate your wardrobe with your set up...well donr my dear!