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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Pics via my iphone for the week

Birthday gift from one of my besties (you KNOW they are the only ones that can give you wine with a "BITCH" label

Saw this cute lil change purse at Target - FAB color and "for like ever" how could you NOT like that!?!?!

Got a tat cover-up...supes pleased so far...the photo below was from the day I got it...there's slight swelling in the photo

After searching all summer found the PERFECT Kimono....not too asian, not too long, not too short...just right

The day I spoke about in yesterdays post (grilling in the rain, thunder and LIGHTENING)

Wore my #statementnecklace from Wal-Mart

Had Arby's Chicken Tenders....STOPPING that next week...I've gained 5 pounds and wasted countless dollars on garbage fast food....They say you are what you eat and I feel shitty

Tat 3 days into the healing process...either I'm a superhero OR a lizard because I am shedding my skin

Visited World Market for the FIRST time ever (I know right?!?!? Where do I live?!?!?) it was SO IMPRESSIVE it will get a post of it's own next week)

Perfect end of summer day at Navy Pier in Chicago....Lunch at The City Porch, Architectural Boat tour of the city and crossing 2 things off my summer bucket list - SUCCESS!!!

TRUMP Towers Downtown Chicago....see the lettering? 

It was a big ta-do several months ago when the 20' letters were mounted on the building.... "Last week, former Obama Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel criticized the sign and told the media that he was looking into a new city ordinance that would prevent such signs in the future.
Before all five of the letters had even been installed, Emanuel let it be known that he wasn't pleased with the results. "The mayor thinks the sign is awful," mayoral spokesman Bill McCaffrey told the Chicago Tribune. "It's in very poor taste and scars what is otherwise an architecturally accomplished building." taken from the article found here
In my own opinion the letters aren't dis-tasteful at all, he applied for permission to install the letters back in 2008 when the building was completed and said letters are SMALLER than the ones originally applied for....Dear Mayor - I think there are FAR BIGGER FISH TO FRY than Trump's name on a building that generates TONS of money to the city....

The building below was built in the 20's during the prohibition designed by the Burnham Brothers and designed to resemble a champagne bottle (ironic, no?!?!). The part of the building that looks gold is IN FACT covered in gold leaf.

The tour was by Seadog and combined the architectural interest and ended with a speedboat ride...the kids LOVED it. What did YOU do this week?!?!

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