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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It was my birthday last month AND I decided I was going to treat myself to either a Michael Kors watch or purse....I work HARD, I deserve it - right?!?!? So I headed to my local Ross (for those of you who don't have a Ross it's similar to TJ MAXX, Marshall's) and oddly enough there was a PLETHORA Of Michael Kor's watches....the hard part was deciding between these two....

WHICH would YOU have chosen?!?!?
(I LOVED the emerald green face, size, shape and INTERIOR bling BUT the clear links, rose gold and size it yourself by removing a latch was a WIN for watch number 2...

In the end I chose the emerald green face - screamed CLASSIC to me...I did have to have it sized down SO I took it to my local department store and they happily took out the additional links for me (at no charge)

I decided to do a lil research and see what my new beautiful watch retailed for originally

See that there price?!?!? $294.00 - I paid almost 2/3 LESS for mine. I LOVE nice things, I can be a label whore AND I WILL SHOP AROUND!!!! Where is your go-to place for discounts and deals?!??!

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